The study of Italian, English, Chinese, Spanish, German and French will provide our students a rich multilingual education and an open cosmopolitan mind. At present both these features are fundamental in order to face future school and working challenges at national and international level.


The knowledge of the Italian language is something not to be taken for granted. A good knowledge of our mother tongue is the fundamental background for good communication skills and an essential basis to learning foreign languages


The English language is today the most spoken language in the world, therefore it is crucial that it is learnt at a very young age, with focus on improving English skills.

Kinder Haus relies on an experienced team of English native speakers coming from different Anglophone countries (UK, United States, Australia, Canada) who teach science, sports, language and foreign culture.

Every year, in May, all the students attending the Kinder College have the opportunity to pass the Trinity language exam. The Trinity College is a British Examination Board founded in 1870 by His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent and is today recognised in 60 countries all over the world.

The Trinity exam is organised by an external board and all the foreign examiners are directly named by the Trinity. The Trinity Exam is a highly motivating experience for our students and it is obviously a very important achievement of their school career.


The pride and joy of our language department.

Kinder College is the first Primary School in Italy where students can learn Chinese already at a preschool level, thanks to our cooperation with the Confucio Institute.

In an international context where China plays an increasingly important role, the Chinese language will definitely be a key asset for a rich cultural and intercultural background