Children will learn how to play the game of chess, acquiring invaluable training for a discipline which is considered part science and part game. The game of chess can be considered as a kind of therapy, bringing out skills of young players.

Creative writing and speaking

This subject begins from the second class of the primary school and it is conceived as an oral and written support for the learning process of all other subjects. It relies on new and innovative methods to improve the skills of self-expression. Thanks to this workshop we also publish a School Magazine.

Astronomy, Science and Physics Workshops

These workshops enable our students to corroborate the theoretical learning of different scientific subjects with practical evidence. The aim is to develop and satisfy the curiosity of our students.  The workshops are also very important to stimulate the youngest students with fun scientific games.

Food and nutritional features

Our school is always keen on all aspects of the everyday life of our students and their families. This is why we consider food as a real school subject and we take it seriously. Our menu is constructed around the suggestions of child dieticians: it is always customised to meet all the needs of our students: vegetarians, celiacs, allergies or students who are not accustomed to the Mediterranean diet.


Students can improve their creative skills thanks to our music workshop, which is part of the school programme. All students can actively learn how to sing, to play classical guitar, electrical guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboard, flute and violin. We aim at stimulating the way they feel the rhythm and their coordination. Already at a young age, children become members of the Kinder Band, practicing all year in preparation for the end of year show. The show showcases performances by all children, from the youngest to the oldest, who perform classical and pop music for their parents.


A serious and complete school programme should also teach the so called Seventh Art. Our school provides sophisticated equipment for all students who participate as actors, directors or critics.

Mime and Theatre

Not only do our students study the history of one among the oldest forms of art, but they also actively play it, learning how to use their body in a scenic way. This is fundamental to help young children expressing themselves in front of an audience, to improve their public speaking skills and become more self-confident in all contexts and situations.

Moreover, the Theatre workshop schedules two plays per year: one for Christmas and one for the end of the year, involving all actors, musicians and dancers.


Sport disciplines are fundamental in children education, playing a key role in shaping their behaviour and improving their team-working skills. Our sport disciplines include: soccer, basket, American football, judo, fencing, classical ballet, contemporary ballet and artistic gymnastics.