When choosing an international school turns out to be best. All the advantages of a good school start.

Is there an exact moment in which a family can positively influence the future of its children? Undoubtedly yes, and it is represented by the choice of which school to attend.

Nothing in this decision can be left to chance, and among the thousand factors that will end up in the checklist of proposed advantages, the final answer is increasingly represented by the choice of an international school.

In fact, in Italy, every year more and more families decide to have their children attend an international institute, because the benefits of living in a stimulating environment and with advanced programs are immediately tangible.

The choice of an international school to better direct the future of our children

Among the privileges of those who decide to send a child to an international school in Italy, there is certainly that of letting them live from an early age in a multicultural environment, full of stimuli that will prepare them to be part of an increasingly inclusive future society.

This is because in an increasingly interconnected world, the need for international education is a need to be satisfied both for families and for students who find themselves facing global challenges, so that they can adapt more easily to new environments, both in professional and personal terms.

Furthermore, among the advantages there are important networking opportunities. International schools in Italy offer opportunities to interface with realities from different parts of the world, creating important connections for a future satisfying life.

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International School Italy Headquarters Kinder International School Bologna

Personalized study plans and advanced infrastructures are among the benefits of those who access an international education of excellence

International private schools, such as Kinder – the first international school in Bologna – have highly qualified teachers with international experience. If you want to visit it click here.

The great flexibility offered by this school provides personalized study plans that meet the needs of students, through courses adapted to their level and integrated with the essential study of foreign languages.

There are also numerous study opportunities provided within a very advanced infrastructure, which facilitate the students’ academic career, with the possibility of daily access to cutting-edge technologies and other advanced learning opportunities, as well as well-stocked laboratories and libraries.

Possibility to practice sports such as football, basketball, fencing, kung fu, judo, fencing, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. Or cultivate new passions such as dance, music, chess, theater and creative writing.

International School - International Baccalaureate (IB)

Access to recognized academic courses – IB

Undoubtedly, among the numerous advantages for those who undertake a path of international school education, there is that of being able to access, in the case of more prestigious institutes, even certified international academic courses such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) even before primary school.

Regarding Kinder International School’s the primary objective prepare children for entry into primary school gradually accustoming them to the use of English and a learning environment.

The school founded in 1967 in fact boasts a long tradition in terms of school education, and welcomes the little ones from the first stages of life starting from 18 months, up to the 16 years of lower secondary school.

If you want to receive more information, you can easily book a visit to Kinder International School Bologna. Don’t wait, do it now, because every day is an open day at Kinder!

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Kinder international school bologna

The first international school in Bologna, since 1967.
Authorised IB school for PYP classes – Primary Years Programme (Preschool and Primary School). MYP Candidate school.


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