Kinder Haus

Toddlers, Nursery School (Kindergarten)

The school is in a very special place; a villa constructed at the beginning of the 20th century with a vast garden not far from the city center in the hills of Bologna. It is a welcoming and familiar environment where the spaces are organized for daily activities and to facilitate the actions and movements of the little guests. It is possible to access the outdoor areas, also equipped for games and physical activities, where there is even an area cultivated as a vegetable garden by the children.

Kinder College

Preschool, Primary, Middle and Trilingual Course

Students take lessons in the rooms of an ancient convent peacefully immersed in the hills of Bologna, surrounded by 22 hectars of fields and woods. The place is really fascinating and at the same time easily accessible from the city. Externally the children have ample space for games, a football field and a basketball court. Inside is the gym, a space dedicated to teaching music and a computer lab. The outdoor area is protected and ideal for running, playing and occasionally doing lessons.