Our students brilliantly pass the admission tests of international institutes.
We prepare the children for the examinations already from the first year with small tests to get used to being “measured” through external evaluations.
English: Trinity College of London (TCL), founded in 1877 in London.
Chinese: “Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi” or “Chinese Proficiency Test” of the Confucius Institute (the official body of the Republic of China)
French: CNED Program (Center Nationale d’Enseignement à Distance, Center National Distance Teaching).
Spanish: D.E.L.E. (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language), the only official title attesting the degree of competence and domination of the Spanish language, issued by the Cervantes Institute on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.
German: certification exams at the Goethe Institut, officially recognized by the Ministry of Education as a Certification Body for the German language.