Educational programs


Aims of Kinder Haus – Spring Session 

From 18 months to 3 years old 

The first step towards learning comes from interest and play. 

In these first years we support the growth of both individual and collective areas of learning: the observation of the world around them, the management of spaces and movements, the ability to become more autonomous physically and verbally, learning new words, formulating speeches and managing their emotions.

Through games and educational activities, the teachers accompany the children in a path of growth that leads them to have confidence in themselves and others, to increase the ability to socialize respecting the rules and the sharing of spaces and games.

The programme in brief  – 50% in English 

Every activity carried out is proposed as a game to learn while having fun in a welcoming, familiar and safe environment.

During the day, children perform activities -fifty per cent of which are in English- thanks to the constant presence of mother tongue teachers. With simple songs and games the youngest children in school can easily learn different sounds and languages.

With time and the support of specialized teachers  the little guests of Kinder Haus are encouraged to use musical instruments, such as drums and guitar ; they learn to reproduce melodies and movements.

In the gym, during the physical education lesson, under the constant supervision of the teacher, they face the first guided paths to develop their balance and coordination. 

Specific Services

  • Canteen/personalized diet/ origin and food variety 
  • Outdoor activities 
  • Time schedule and availability 
  • Paramedical staff
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