Our aim

Our goal is to make education an exciting journey in which students absorb knowledge of themselves, their passions and the world around them. We involve students in artistic and scientific projects, from music to environmental issues, so that learning will become a pleasure and a discovery for them. During these years of growth and change, children absorb the behaviors and attitudes that they are exposed to from the environment around them. For this reason our activity is aimed at giving excellent scholastic skills but also in beginning to let students start to take responsibility for themselves, in being open and curious, and to have confidence in themselves.

Program in brief

The program is the standard Italian government’s ministerial one with several additional hours in the English language, including subjects such as science and computer lab, taught in English by mother tongue teachers (about half of the school hours). Primary school is equated and recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education. We have enriched the program with subjects such as Chinese Mandarin, computer lab, chess, current affair and philosophy for kids to expand skills and opportunities for our students. We have also introduced digital educational tools to enhance and make learning activities even more appealing (apps, sharing platforms, research and exhibition). At the end of Primary school, our students are perfectly able to support a conversation in English with ease while maintaining excellent levels in all subjects.

We involve pupils in group research, even with digital platforms, in disciplines such as natural sciences, history and geography. Grammar and mathematics are the foundations of the program, meticulously followed by our teachers. Writing becomes a “magic wand” with which children learn to express themselves and evolves into an even more complex and powerful communication tool. Mathematics, a fundamental skill, is also transformed into a fun challenge thanks to the use of arithmetic educational games. At the end of elementary school students are able not only to express themselves easily in English but also to read and write in what becomes, for them, a second language.

We approach reading from an early age, children can choose from the school library the most popular books, from the classics to science fiction. Children are encouraged to present their impressions of books read in the classroom. Over the years, the pupils deepen their knowledge of the various subjects and recognize the relationships that unite them. We love extra-curricular activities, so we plan many of them such as opera, laboratories, museums and cultural events.