China Exchange

​​Kinder College is one of the few Italian schools that have  been selected by the Chinese Ministry of Culture for the “China Exchange” cultural project.

Thanks to this important recognition our students  became the  guests of one the schools that has been chosen for the project. This trip to China is an intense, rich and unforgettable experience.

This project was born with the goal of uniting two different school systems and of promoting the Chinese language and culture in the world through exchanges between the educational institutions of the two countries.

 It’s not only a simple trip, but a total immersion in a different world, so far from the Western mentality, from what we usually take for granted, so much so that a comparison and a reflection about the differences between the two cultures is inevitable.

During their stay the students follow the Chinese classes and live the day to day life of the school and experience first hand a discipline and an unexpected educational method  (the Chinese students can even be 60 per class), ceremonial rigidities and “out of reach” teachers.

The journey is completed by visiting some of the most evocative places in China to gain a deeper knowledge of the territory and the wonders of the country, such as the temple of Bailin, the “Great Wall”, Tiananmen Square and the Olympic Village in Beijing.

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