Foreign languages

Foreign languages

Integration of the Italian curriculum with foreign languages

Ever since 1967 Kinder School Bologna has been a multilingual school.

Our curricula are aimed at those families who want their children to learn Italian and they’re also directed to the students who are staying for a very short period of time and therefore need a personalized course of studies.

The study of Italian

It is our wish that our students learn how to speak Italian properly and correctly. An Italian child is supposed to leave an international school while speaking Italian and English with the same proficiency level.

Foreign children who study the Italian language will have a richer cultural baggage and this will give them the chance to interact easily in the Italian everyday life. Moreover, speaking Italian will allow them to develop their logical abilities.

The study of English

Kinder School Bologna is an international school and therefore it is geared towards offering students knowledges that are useful all over the world.

For this reason English is the reference language together with Italian and it is taught from day one by mother- tongue professionals. 

The study of German, Spanish, French 

All students are supposed to choose and practise at least another language besides English.
The teaching of the third language is done in the form of collective or individual lessons. The students have the possibility to join these courses from nursery school to middle school and they are fully integrated in the school life.

The study of Chinese 

A few years ago we introduced Chinese in all our training programmes and we have created a one-of-a-kind programme in three languages: English, Chinese and Italian. The trilingual experimental school Kinder College has been recognized by the Confucius Institute and by the Chinese Ministry of Culture as one of the few “Confucius Class” Schools.

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The first international school in Bologna, since 1967.
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