Interview with Claudio: Innovation and openness in the world of education

Claudio, currently IB Head of School at Kinder International School Bologna, is a key figure in international education, dedicated to fostering an open and innovative learning environment. With a career inspired by his vision of a globally connected school, Claudio is committed to implementing the IB (International Baccalaureate) program and creating meaningful educational experiences for students. In this article, we explore his journey, the challenges and satisfactions of his work, and the dreams he has for the future of the school. His story is a testimony of dedication, innovation and educational vision.

The satisfaction of seeing collaboration and passion

The most rewarding part of Claudio’s work is observing the commitment of teachers and staff in building an ambitious educational project, and seeing the children, from all over the world, enthusiastically participating in each new initiative. The cultural diversity of the students, combined with their passion and collaboration, is a source of great satisfaction and beauty for Claudio.

Deep reflection during the pandemic

The pandemic lockdown was a time of reflection for Claudio, prompting him to reorient the school. He took the opportunity to begin the transformation process towards an IB school, starting with the PYP program and then the MYP, with the aim of continuing up to the DP. This decision reflects his commitment to bringing educational innovation to Kinder College.

A dream of international educational experiences

Claudio dreams of offering students even more direct experiences abroad, organizing cultural exchanges with schools in other countries. Although they are already active with numerous study trips, he wants to further encourage these opportunities and create school weeks dedicated to different cultures, with the aim of establishing direct contacts and meaningful cultural exchanges.

Claudio at the K-12 International Conference in China. Since 2016, Kinder International School Bologna has been the only Italian school invited.

A message of innovation and avant-garde

Claudio hopes to be remembered as an open and useful innovator, together with his brother Livio, in a school system that has always been at the forefront. His message to the school community is to continue to look forward, give more and do better, keeping alive the drive for innovation and educational excellence.

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