Our aim

The aim is to prepare the children for entry into the primary school, gradually immersing them into the English language and discipline of primary school. Passing from nursery school, where learning is mostly playful, to a situation where greater concentration and discipline is required is not easy. Thanks to the Preschool we provide children with linguistic and attitudinal skills to face this passage serenely.

Program in brief

During Preschool the teachers address the children mostly in English. It starts with simple words useful in greetings, and then to their first verbs (look, listen, touch, make, etc.), questions (How many? What color? Who?) and simple sentences (I can see, show me something).
Keeping the formula of making it playful, children learn to manage a simple daily routine and get used to being in class together. English is introduced with group games, drawing, manual activities, songs and stories. Children learn to perform simple instructions, to know the numbers, to have their first mathematical skills and to take care of their notebooks and didactic materials as real “school children” do.