Our aim

For children of this age, learning is pure fun, by playing they discover themselves, others and the world around them. We accompany them in their social and emotional growth thanks to a reassuring and familiar environment. With game they learn to express themselves, to know their emotions, to relate to others in a group situation, away from home.
For us, one of the most important “subjects” to teach is empathy, that’s why we encourage from an early age to create positive relationships with others, to know their own feelings and those of others, learning to respect them.

Program in brief

Children are immediately immersed in a multilingual environment, supported by native English and Chinese Mandarin teachers who introduce learning through games, activities and songs. In addition to these languages ​​it is possible to alternate or add courses in French, Spanish or German. The activities are carried out in small groups and are designed to make children as independent as possible, to develop their interpersonal skills and the ability to acquire security.
Through the help of adults they learn to follow and respect some simple rules that accustom them to routines. They are encouraged to explore, to discover, to talk about their experiences and their feelings.


  • Preparatory to Music / Drums / Guitar / Piano
  • Dance / Psychomotricity / Circus / Judo / Mini basketball courses
  • Cooking class
  • Chinese Mandarin