Children, especially the little ones, have a great ability to absorb, recognize and reproduce sounds without effort, for this reason, in our school, they learn English normally while following their regular educational activities. At the nursery school we have introduced fun and creative activities with a qualified mother tongue teacher, in our elementary courses our program includes a greater number of hours of English and different subjects taught in English (computer lab, natural sciences, music, current affairs, etc.), always with mother tongue teachers. For the first time in a primary school, some hours of Chinese were included in the program, a language that can be studied more in depth by enrolling in our trilingual course (Italian, English, Chinese)
Multilingualism is not only useful for language learning. Research confirms that growing in a multilingual environment brings clear benefits to a person’s thought process and in their ability to manage situations. Bilingual children have been shown to have greater artistic creativity and mental flexibility due to their ability to evaluate and adapt language automatically according to the interlocutor.

Learning by doing

We believe that the best way to learn is by doing. We start from practical activities to get to the theoretical basis of knowledge, involving students in the teaching itself applying the cooperative learning method. We also use educational technologies, such as apps, to make learning more interesting and complete. We offer many educational, artistic and sporting activities so that children can test themselves, get to know each other, discover their limits and overcome them. Play an instrument, present a research, go to museums … there is always a good reason to come to school!

Customized programs

We can design customized study plans based on the needs of the specific child. Our formula allows you to integrate English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese language classes as well as numerous artistic and sports activities. We have created ad hoc programs for children from foreign countries for even just one year. We evaluate the students’ level of preparation to create a suitable personalized curriculum. Lessons and additional activities are usually included in the afternoon program with flexible hours until 7:30 pm.

After hours Formula Club (Full time school)

A full-time formula for Primary and Middle school students who can stay at the school during the afternoon until 7.00pm. The children, always assisted by the teaching staff, can select and pursue a wide range of activities (such as music, sports, etc.), do their homework or play with their schoolmates in their free time. With this formula you can spend more time on tasks and sports without moving from one place to another in the city. Parents can organize themselves as they deem appropriate knowing they can leave the children in a safe place with specialized personnel.


Finding out what you like and your passions is not always easy. For this reason we give children the opportunity to experience many sports and artistic disciplines with great flexibility. The activities are organized inside the school during the afternoon hours of the extended day. The teachers are all qualified with many years of experience in teaching their discipline to children. Activities are an integral part of training, an educational tool to teach discipline, exercise and research results.