The Method

Learning by doing

In our School the method we use is learning by doing.

We believe that experimenting is crucial for learning and for this reason we start from practical activities to get to the theoretical basis of knowledge, involving students in the creation of actual didactical units.

We use educational technologies, such as apps, to make learning more interesting and complete. We offer many educational, artistic and sports activities so that children can test themselves, get to know each other, discover their limits and overcome them.

Playing an instrument, presenting research, visiting museums…there’s always a good reason for coming to school!


Also for learning a language we follow the principle of learning by doing.

Children, especially the little ones, have a wonderful ability to absorb, recognize and reproduce sounds effortlessly. This potential is very precious to us!

Thanks to our method, children learn English easily, while they’re following their regular educational activities. At the nursery school children play, sing and practise creative activities with qualified mother tongue teachers; in the elementary school our programme includes 50% of subjects taught in spoken and written English ( computer lab, natural science, music, etc.), always with mother tongue teachers.

Bilingualism is not only useful for learning languages: children from an early age are used to instinctively adapting their language according to the interlocutor and have a greater ability to develop their logical, relational and communicative capacities.

Trilingual Programme

Thanks to our teaching method, through the Tringual programme we have introduced the study of Chinese in our school.

Our students will be the professionals of tomorrow and they will need to interact with economic powers such as China. The study of a third language is also an opportunity to open their minds towards a fascinating culture which is rich in history and traditions. Our students can thus develop a remarkable mental flexibility.

Kinder College International School has been the first Elementary School to introduce Chinese in its curriculum in the years two thousand and today it is recognized by the Ministry of Education as one of the schools with a “Confucius Class” inside its facility.

One of our students won the first prize in the world competition for foreigners learning Chinese at school age.

Kinder international school bologna

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