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Kinder International School Mission Statement

“Kinder International School nurtures with enthusiasm the minds, the bodies and the souls of its learners, embracing them in its unique family and challenging them to reach their true potential.

To this end Kinder International School works with other international schools, universities and organizations to develop tailor-made programmes of multilingual education for open-minded and global lifelong learners.

Kinder International School programmes foster a truly interdisciplinary, creative and caring education for its students to become independent, curious, healthy and principled global citizens of tomorrow.”

Education is our mission

At Kinder International School Bologna our mission is to educate, which is derived from the Latin word “educere”, meaning “to lead out”. Everyday we help students to recognize and bring out their own potential.

We support our students to receive a solid education while helping them to believe in themselves and boosting their self-esteem. This will eventually lead them to discover their skills and talents.

We try to instill in them an interest in reading and we help them to find their own approach to studying as well as supporting them to develop the ability to speak correctly and effectively. We also stimulate them to reflect on complex topics.

Education must be followed by a development of the students’ social and relational skills. Children must learn to think in terms of the community and of the common welfare. For this reason we encourage them to have an open mind, to create a positive relationship with their peers and to understand that diversity is an enrichment.

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Kinder international school bologna

The first international school in Bologna, since 1967.
Authorised IB school for PYP classes – Primary Years Programme (Preschool and Primary School). MYP Candidate school.