Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Having fun together with friends in a beautiful hilly area becomes an opportunity to consolidate English during the summer.

During the months of June and July the Summer Camp is available offering, during the day, time dedicated to numerous activities outdoors as well as time dedicated learning or simply free play. Students are always followed by English language mother tongue teachers.

The camp opens at 8:30 am and finishes at 5:30 pm but it is possible to establish a personalized timetable according to the needs of the families. Generally in the morning the time is spent by playing team sports and games. The children can practice horse riding, swimming and tennis at external venues, while basketball, volleyball and football courts are available for team sports at the Kinder College site.

The afternoon is mainly dedicated to relax, self-study and language lessons. In addition, creative activities such as ceramics or painting are available.

Every Friday afternoon a show for parents is set up entirely in English; the plot, dialogues, set design and costumes are all created and made by the children with the support of the native English speaking teachers.