Educational programs

Primary School

Kinder College Aims – Primary School

From 6 to 11 years old

We want to turn education into an exciting journey through the students’ knowledge of themselves, of their passions and of the world around them. We support the pupils’ intellectual growth by involving them in educational projects, external experiences and activities so that “knowledge“ can be a pleasure for them. These are years of growth and the external environment is crucial to acquire more complex social behaviours. For this reason, besides an excellent school education, we aim at transmitting positive values in order to make our students open-minded, curious, constructive and self-confident individuals.

The Programme in brief – 50% in English with an extreme attention towards Italian

The private primary school at Bologna Kinder College is “parificata”, which means that it is recognized by the Ministry of Public Education; its students are not required to take any admission exams in order to be accepted by other national schools.

Its programme is the same as the one of the Italian ministry with the added bonus of more English hours taken care of by our mother tongue teachers during classes such as science, geography, music, computer lab and gym.

This allows our students- by the end of the five years programme- to be perfectly able to carry on a conversation in English fluently, while maintaining an excellent knowledge of all subjects.

The activities of primary school 

The main subjects that are the bedrock of the primary school curriculum are mathematics and grammar. For us they represent the backbone of knowledge and the solid bases upon which other subjects stand.

A great importance is given to writing as a means through which students learn to express themselves and to handle conversations that will become more and more difficult with time. Reading is also important in order to understand the world. From an early age pupils have the possibility to choose their favourite books from the library and, for a further understanding of the text, they are encouraged to talk about their impressions in class.

According to their age the students are involved in the realization of individual and group research, also using digital platforms. The research papers can be about subjects like natural science, history and geography.

There is also the possibility to approach arts by participating in concerts of classical music, operas, visiting museums, etc.

Furthermore, our programme is enriched by subjects such as Chinese, Computer lab and Chess. These subjects are useful to broaden the children’s knowledge on current affairs and to develop their ability to reason.

Kinder international school bologna

The first international school in Bologna, since 1967.
Authorised IB school for PYP classes – Primary Years Programme (Preschool and Primary School). MYP Candidate school.