About us

About us

Kinder International School Bologna is the first international school in Bologna, with an experience that dates back to 1967.

A really special school which stands out for its cultural offer, its qualified staff and its tried and tested teaching method: our students learn by doing and are led by bilingual teachers while surrounded by an international and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Learning by doing

Languages are learned naturally in an engaging environment rich in stimuli and activities.
Children have the ability to absorb new and different sounds in an easy and natural way. This is
the reason why at Kinder International School the ordinary teachings and recreational activities are developed in different languages. Our method is based on doing in order to learn. For different ages there will be different levels of dedication and the hours of practice will be age-friendly.

For every child their own time

At Kinder International School Bologna every child is unique: we devote our attention to each of them, all while respecting their pace of learning.
We involve students in the management of some school activities making them an active part of their own education, we encourage them to work in teams, to be curious, open-minded, proactive and responsible.

A multicultural environment

Over the years we have taught students hailing from more than 45 countries. Students with different languages, religions, points of views and daily customs. A multicultural environment is very stimulating and prepares children to become inclusive and open-minded adults.
Our goal is to prepare students to find their own place in the world and give an active and valuable contribution to society.

A relationship of trust

At Kinder International School Bologna the relationship between students and teachers is based on mutual trust: a relationship that grows in time and develops with serenity.
We believe that a good rapport with teachers and staff is an essential experience for the children.
This way children will learn how to play and study together by using mutual respect. Liveliness, energy, smiles and hugs are never lacking in our school.

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