A unique school

Imagine a school where students learn immersed in a bilingual system, where playing in the “Kinder band” or playing chess is part of the program, where you learn by doing. This is our school, unique, different! We are the first international school in Bologna and one of the first in Italy.

We are a small multicultural community full of stimuli. We have taught students from 45 countries around the world with different points of view and habits, because diversity is a value!
For us every child is unique, we dedicate the needed attention to each one respecting their pace of learning, we involve them in the management of some school activities making them an active part of their own education, we encourage them to work in teams, to be curious, open, proactive and responsible.

We are vivacious, energetic, always with smiles and hugs. The relationship with the teachers is a serene relationship of trust.