Our aim

Kinder College is a middle school where students grow and mature in an international environment. These are very important years during which children build their own personality. In this delicate phase our teachers support them in their intellectual, social and emotional growth, pushing them to think about what is important for them and to be positive examples for others and for themselves. We give maximum value to collaboration, to rhetoric, to reasoning in terms of complexity and problem solving. We work to help students believe that they can accomplish what they desire by applying themselves in a serious way

Program in brief

Our method is based on the involvement and collaboration between teachers and students. We think that motivation is fundamental for learning and for this reason we ask the students to propose and realize real teaching units. These units can range from the historical events of the past to the energy challenges of the future, and they are always supported by their teachers. The insights are carried out in small groups with multimedia tools (IWB, Internet, sharing platforms) and the results are exhibited in public. We value the use of logic and the construction of dialogue; the students should not only study but also develop skills in presenting the subject matter studied. This approach builds their confidence and sense of responsibility. We always encourage them to deepen their knowledge and verify their sources such that they are able to distinguish between true and likely.

The academic program focuses on consolidating fundamental skills. The subjects taught remain those of the standard Italian government’s ministerial program with a greater presence of subjects taught in English language. For the subject regarding the Italian language we start from reading and analyzing texts to developing the capacity of expression through writing. Scientific subjects and mathematics are deepened with constant checks and increased use of the laboratory for hands on experimentation. Geography, History, Literature, Music and Art are taught by highlighting the dense network of relationships that unite them. Teachers often interact with each other to build interdisciplinary teaching units. The “Philosophy for children” project is introduced, where philosophy helps adolescents to reflect on topics that touch their lives and to reason in terms of complexity. During the afternoon foreign language skills ​​are deepened to perfect the children’s ability to express themselves. At the age of 14 our students are perfectly able to hold a discussion in Italian, in English or in another language that he or she has chosen to pursue. Our program also regularly includes cultural exchanges abroad and many activities outside of the school premise such as visits to museums, conferences, scientific laboratories, opera and much more. Our students come to school with enthusiasm because they absorb the energy of a school full of stimuli, where they are involved, motivated, driven to measure themselves and to think about the world around them.