The Chinese Ministry of Culture has selected Kinder College for its “China Exchange” cultural project. This is an important recognition that consists in the hosting of our students at one of the participating Chinese schools and taking part in special language courses and lessons in Chinese culture. This trip to China, a country so fascinating and far from our mentality and traditions, is an unforgettable experience. The students are immersed in the daily life of the school, they follow the lessons with the Chinese students (even 60 per class!).

They are exposed to a completely different educational method and see first hand the discipline shown in this environment. Knowledge of customs, culture and even Chinese cuisine continues with the collaboration and hospitality of local families.
The journey is completed by visiting some of the most evocative places in China; the temple of Bailin, the “Great Wall”, the ancient city of Badaling, Tiananmen Square and the Olympic Village in Beijing.